Mynydd Illtud from the Visitor Centre - directions

Way to go 

Walk up through the Visitor Centre car park away from the building, to a gate that leads onto the common. There are a few paths radiating out from here, but take the main one that continues straight ahead, climbing slightly and running parallel with the fence about 45m to the right. Follow the track until you reach a junction, where you should be able to see a pond ahead to the right. Continue straight ahead, staying on the main track past the pond, before dropping to another junction a few metres short of a narrow road.

Bear diagonally right to drop to the road by a white post that marks a pipeline. Cross the road and bear slightly left to follow the path, keeping the fence on your right, before dropping to another narrow lane.
You can now see the hill of Twyn y Gaer directly ahead. Cross the road and keep straight ahead to continue towards a trig point at the summit of the hill.
To return, drop down to the grassy path which leads back across the road and follow the waymark to the Visitor Centre. Cross the next road and keep straight to follow the main track (signposted to the Visitor Centre) back to the junction where you turned right earlier. Bear diagonally right onto a clear, straight path that climbs slightly. Follow the path until it meets the road by a large pond. Pass the pond and bear left to walk to the top of the little hill beyond, where you’ll meet a clear track that leads downhill back to the Visitor Centre.