About the CALCH project

Over three years starting in 2012 the Black Mountain Quarries were the core of the CALCH project, an investigation into the history and archaeology of the lime industry in Carmarthenshire. A joint project between the Brecon Beacons National Park, Dyfed Archaeological Trust, the National Museum of Wales and the Black Mountain Centre, the project has brought the quarries back to life through a series of projects and investigations.
With help from many local volunteers, Dyfed Archaeological Trust undertook research, survey, excavation and interpretation preparation in order to turn the now disused and abandoned industrial site into an exciting and informative outdoor museum. Through conservation work, interpretation panel installation and the creation of an audio trail, this site is now a heritage hub which explores more than 200 years of history which shaped Carmarthenshire into the county we recognise today.
Located within the wild western part of the National Park, the Black Mountain Quarries provide a stark reminder that the area hasn’t always been an idyllic and quiet part of the world and that the landscape you see today was in fact shaped by hundreds of years of industry.
To read a documentation of the CALCH project please visit the website.